Disability History and the Ancient World

(ca. 3000 BCE - 700 CE)


Prof. Dr. Christian Laes

Prof. Dr. Christian Laes, Associate Professor of Latin and Ancient History, Free University of Brussels (VUB) and University of Antwerp (UA). In the context of the project Religion and Childhood. Socialisation in Pre-Modern Europe from the Roman Empire to the Christian World, Christian Laes has been researching disability in the Roman World as well as in Late Antiquity. Contact: christian.laes@ua.ac.be

Drs. Dorien Meulenijzer

Drs. Dorien Meulenijzer, started her PhD. on Visual Impairments in the Roman World in September 2011 in association with Free University of Brussels (VUB). Dorien Meulenijzer graduated in June 2011 in the Master of Ancient History at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL). To obtain a profound theoretical background into disability studies she is also attending courses within anthropology and human movement science.             Contact: info@dorienmeulenijzer.eu


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